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Balloon Fiesta Pet Safety

Pet Safety Albuquerque balloon fiestaBalloon Fiesta Pet Safety Tips

This is one of the best times of year. The air is getting chilled and the sky is full of Hot Air Balloons! The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is one of the most amazing times to be in New Mexico. However, it isn’t always that much fun for your pets.  All the noise, traffic and general hullaballoo can be a lot for your poor pooch to take in. Here are some things that might scare your pets and some tips to keep them safe during this amazing (but hectic) fiesta.

  1. Hiding Place: Hot air balloons are very pretty but when they get closer to the ground, they can be very loud. Make sure to give your outdoor pet a place to hide when the balloons come by.
  2. Pet Tags and Microchipping: The burners on hot air balloons are much louder than you might think. When balloons are flying low, or getting ready to land, the sound of the burner going off might scare your pet. Often when pets try to run and hide, they can get loose just looking for a safe spot away from the noise. In case your pet gets loose, make sure they can be easily found by getting them microchipped and having up to date tags.
  3. Fireworks: Balloon Glow is beautiful but the fireworks might be scary for your pets. Give them a safe spot to hideout so they don’t get loose.
  4. Traffic: Because Balloon Fiesta is so amazing, everyone in the whole world wants to come and see it. This means that there is a lot more traffic on the streets. Keep your dog on a leash when taking him out for a walk and make sure his tags (and microchip) are up to date.
  5. BBQ’s: There are a lot of festivities during the Balloon Fiesta. If you bring your dog to a BBQ or party, make sure that they are not eating all the table scraps. Some people food can be toxic to your dog and can make them seriously ill.
  6. Anxiety: With all the noise and bustle of Balloon Fiesta, your pet may have some extra anxiety. If you notice they are anxious, you can help them by giving them a quiet place to retreat. If that is not enough, you can give them some natural anti-anxiety treatments that will help calm them down.

Balloon Fiesta is a great time. Make sure that your pet has as much fun as you and keep them safe.

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