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Mucus in Your Cat’s Poop

bloody stool los lunas vetMucus in your cat’s poop. Not only is it gross but it can be a big problem.

If you see only a small amount, you should not be concerned. This is normal for cat poop to contain small amounts of mucus. This is a slime like substance made by their intestines to keep the lining of the colon lubricated.

If you see excessive amounts of mucus, or if you also see blood, you need to see your Los Lunas veterinarian immediately.

Mucus and blood could be caused by:

  • Stress
  • Dietary issues
  • Parasites
  • Bacterial overgrowth in their intestines
  • Tumors or polyps
  • Inflammation of the colon or rectum
  • Narrowing of the rectal opening
  • Constipation

Depending on the cause, the issue could be simple to treat or take a more advanced treatment course.  When you come to the vet, it is a good idea to bring a sample of their poop. Your vet may ask you to collect a sample if you don’t bring one.



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