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AAAACHOOOO!! Pet Allergies

dog sneezingDid you know that over half of the pets suffer from seasonal allergies. So while you are sneezing and hating all the spring wind, so is your pet!

Signs Your Pet Has Seasonal Allergies

Dog and cat allergies are more likely to show up on the skin through skin irritation or inflammation, aka. allergic dermatitis, instead of in their respiratory tract like people.

If you see your pet scratching and chewing a lot more than usual, on certain parts of their body, it may be allergies. Scratching can include rubbing herself against surfaces like furniture or the carpet. Other signs are hair loss, open sores and scabbing. In dogs, they may develop hot spots. If they do, you will want to get those treated by your Los Lunas veterinarian as hot spots are due to bacteria overwhelming an area of skin.

Their ears can also be itchy and are susceptible to ear infections.


Though breathing issues are not as common, they can happen. You will see running noses, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing and typical allergy symptoms that you see in people.

Another sign is generalized redness, like red eyes, puffy eyes, red gums, red paws, even a red anus.

Your pet can have seasonal allergies to all the same stuff you do, like pollen and molds.

How to treat seasonal allergies in pets:

Feet soaks and baths are 2 of the best combatants.

  • Regular and frequent baths will give your pet immediate relief. It literally washes away the allergens on their coat and skin. Using a colloidal oatmeal shampoo can also give their skin some relief from the itchiness.
  • Foot baths¬†give relief to itchy feet as well as keep your pet from tracking in allergens into the house.
  • Clean bedding is one of the best ways to give your pet relief. If you can keep their area as free of allergies as possible, it gives them a place to escape.
  • Certain diets and supplements can help relieve allergies. In bad cases, there are medications you can get from your vet.

Please talk to your Los Lunas veterinarian about allergy treatment options for your pet.


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