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Bringing Home An Adopted Pet

Tips for how to welcome home your newly adopted pet

Congratulations on your newest member of your family! Adopting a pet is a wonderful thing. Here are some tips to help welcome your new family member:

  1. Put a pet bed in each room. This gives them a place to retreat and helps keep them off the furniture.
  2. If you have a cat that is scratching, or you are worried about it, put double sided tape on furniture to discourage the scratching. Also give her a scratching post to use as an alternative.
  3. Pick up any dangling cords or ornate tassels as these can be choking hazards.
  4. Install high quality metal screens on your windows. If your new cat likes to sit in the window, they won’t fall through the screen.
  5. Roll up any decorative rugs until you know your new dog is house trained.
  6. Stock up on Nature’s Miracle to clean up any “accidents” on furniture or rugs.
  7. Give your new cat plenty of scratching posts and perches.
  8. Use dog crates when your new dog is alone. This will give him a place to retreat but also a comfortable place to be when he is left alone. It reduces any possible destruction due to anxiety, and can reduce separation anxiety.
  9. Give your dog lots of chew toys so he chews on those instead of your shoes.
  10. Check that your plants are non-poisonous.

If you have any concerns about your new family member, talk to your local Los Lunas veterinarian for tips and advice.

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