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How to care for your dogs ears


dog skin allergiesDogs have twisty curvy insides of their ears. This makes it easy for debris to get caught in the ear canal. Trapped debris can lead to infections. Dogs with allergies are more prone to ear infections, as are dogs with floppy ears like spaniels and hounds

Make regular checks a part of your pets routine care and grooming.

Cleaning: Use a cotton ball to clean their ear. Dampen a cotton ball with mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide and wipe out their ear. You don’t need to dig too deeply. Remember the ear is delicate. NEVER insert anything into your dogs ear canal. If you notice that your dog is getting irritation in their ear, try changing the cleaning fluid or clean less frequently or more delicately.

Ear hair: If your dog has ear hair and that is leading to infections or a build up excessive ear wax, you may want to discuss trimming or plucking the hairs with your groomer.

If your dog has water trapped in their ear pour a tiny amount of an ear drying solution for dogs into their ear. These are usually made with witch hazel and can be purchased at a local pet store.

Warning Signs:

If you see any of the following sign, get in touch with your Los Lunas vet immediately.


  • Ear discharge
  • Bad smells
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Crusty skin
  • Hair loss
  • Please also be aware that brown or black ear wax-and dry, dark wax resembling coffee grounds-are classic indicators of microscopic ear mites. Only your vet can tell for sure, so bring them in to get looked at.

If you need help cleaning your pets ear, ask your vet and they will be happy to show you how.

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