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Does My Dog Need Neuticles

spay neuter new mexicoDo you think your dog feels insecure after being neutered? Are you insecure for him? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you may want to consider neuticles.

Neuticles are fake testicles for your dog. So he can be neutered but still look like the macho dog that we know he is. Currently, there are three models – originals, naturals and ultras. Each model is made from FDA approved (for human use) material and is similar in size, shape and weight of the natural testicle.

There are five different sizes available for dogs and cats and only one size for horses and bulls. Custom sizing is available.

There has never been a significant complication reported from getting neuticles. Even though complications are unheard of, each neuticle implantation is backed by a $1 million product liability guarantee.

Even though most neuticles are implanted at the time of neutering, pets up to 5 years following neutering have been implanted with neuticles, without complication.

Get your dog a low-cost neuter at Los Lunas Vetco and ask your vet if neuticles are right for your pup.

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