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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Dog in the Car

dogheatEvery year thousands of pets die of heatstroke and suffocation from being left in a car. Even a quick trip inside can leave your pet at risk. In only minutes a car can reach up to 160 degree’s on the inside, even with the windows cracked.

Each year, thousands of beloved companions succumb to heatstroke and suffocation when left in parked cars. It happens most often when people make quick stops—the dry cleaners, the bank or the local deli. Folks, we need to be clear on this: It takes only minutes for your pet to face death—and it doesn’t have to be that hot out. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160 degrees. Even with the windows cracked.

Many states and local governments have laws that prohibit leaving an animal unattended in a motor vehicle under dangerous conditions, which include hot days. Under these laws, police, animal control agents, peace officers and others may be authorized to enter by whatever means necessary to remove the animal. You could have your car damaged, be charged with a crime, and fined or imprisoned. It’s not worth it— don’t leave your pet in the car! -ASPCA

If your dog does get overwhelmed by heat, you can cool them down by wetting down their body with cool water. Do not dunk them in ice water as that can shock the system and cause other problems, like heart failure. Do not let them drink a lot of water to cool down. Cool down their body first, otherwise you can make them sick.

If you see a dog inside a parked car and are concerned, you can call 911.


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