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Are you shopping for a new vet?

vetco annual examAre you shopping for a new veterinarian? I know that phrase sounds weird. Many of us just go to the vet that is closest to our house. But keep in mind that your pet is part of your family, just like when you are looking for a doctor for you or your kids, you want to spend some time finding a vet that fits your needs.

You do not need to have a veterinary degree or medical background to be able to find a good veterinarian. The most important factor is finding one that you trust. It is your pet’s health, after all, you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the veterinary advice they will be giving you.

Not all breeds are created equal, you should ask if the vet is familiar with your breed and familiar with any issues he may have. If your pet has a known issue, it is important to make sure you vet is familiar with the issue, otherwise, he might put him on an ill-advised treatment course.

Unfortunately, there is always the issue of cost. It is not an easy question to ask, but if the vet’s prices are too expensive then you may be reluctant to bring your pet to the vet when they need veterinary care due to the fear of a high bill. Remember, a good vet does not have to break the bank. You want to find a vet that meets your needs, from both a caring and financial perspective.

Don’t be afraid to interview your vet. Ask questions and take a little bit of time to get comfortable with them. This should be a very long relationship, you want it to be a good one.

At Los Lunas Vetco we are proud to say that we have high-quality vets for well-animal veterinary care with affordable prices.

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