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Is Your Dog Allergic to Grass?

albuquerque spring petLos Lunas doesn’t have a lot of grass, as most of the state favors xeriscaping. However, there are lawns in yards and in parks. Have you been taking your dog to the park and they are coming back with sniffles? Are they rolling in the grassy yard and coming inside feeling really itchy? Then you might have a grass allergy on your hands.

Symptoms of Grass Allergies in Dogs

Here are the things to look for if you are concerned about a grass allergy:

  • Itchiness, but we mean extreme itchiness.
  • Scratching, licking or biting to the point of injury, infection or hair loss. This means that your dog’s itching is extreme.
  • Sores and/or hair loss on their head, armpits, face, abdomen, and feet.
  • Licking and gnawing at their paws, to the point of injury.
  • Sneezing
  • Red eyes
  • Weepy or irritate eyes

When do the allergies happen?

Typically the allergy is from the grass pollen. Because pollen is released seasonally then their allergies are most likely to appear in the late spring and early summer…aka right now. Because pollen travels on the wind, and we all know what kind of wind we have in New Mexico, you don’t have to have grass in your yard for your dog to be exposed. Thankfully it is primarily during this time of year, so once the pollen season has passed your dog should be fine around grass.

Grass Allergy Treatment

Prevention is the best treatment. If you have a lawn, keep it mowed. Not allowing your lawn to go to pollen will keep your dog’s allergies down.

Do not let them run in tall grasses. This will reduce the risk of contact with grass pollen.


Wiping down your dogs legs and feet after they have been playing outside can remove any pollen that may be clinging to their fur.

Limit their time outside during pollen season. If pollen counts are high, consider having playtime inside.

Anti-itch sprays and shampoos can help relieve the itchiness from allergies.

A diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These supplements help reduce inflammation and itchiness associated with grass allergies.

If your dog’s allergies are really severe, your Los Lunas veterinarian may recommend an antihistamine or allergy shots. Never give your dog an over the counter antihistamine, this could be very dangerous for them. If you think you may need a prescription for your dog’s allergies, then make an appointment to meet with our vets for a consultation.


  • Antihistamines, Steroids, and Allergy Shots
    In severe cases, your veterinarian may recommend that your dog start a medication or allergy shot regimen to relieve the symptoms.


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