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Health problems in Himalyans

Albuquerque himalayan cat

Himalayan cats are a beautiful breed of cat. They make good family pets and are very affectionate. They are known for heavy shedding but are easy to groom. They typically live from 9 to 15 years.   Their breed is a man-made breed. They were made from […]

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Bringing Home An Adopted Pet

Tips for how to welcome home your newly adopted pet Congratulations on your newest member of your family! Adopting a pet is a wonderful thing. Here are some tips to help welcome your new family member: Put a pet bed in each room. This gives them a […]

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AAAACHOOOO!! Pet Allergies

dog sneezing

Did you know that over half of the pets suffer from seasonal allergies. So while you are sneezing and hating all the spring wind, so is your pet! Signs Your Pet Has Seasonal Allergies Dog and cat allergies are more likely to show up on the skin […]

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Toxic Plants in Your Spring Garden

toxic pet plants albuquerque

It is amazing how many different plants can be toxic to us and to our pets. When you are planting your garden it is good to know what is ok for your pets and what is not ok. For a complete list of toxic plants, look at […]

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Mucus in Your Cat’s Poop

bloody stool los lunas vet

Mucus in your cat’s poop. Not only is it gross but it can be a big problem. If you see only a small amount, you should not be concerned. This is normal for cat poop to contain small amounts of mucus. This is a slime like substance […]

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Blood in Your Cat’s Stool

bloody stool los lunas vet

Do you inspect your cat’s poop? I don’t mean taking it to a microscope. I mean, do you look at it after they have used the litter box or when you are cleaning? Most of us do, just like most of us look at our own. This […]

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Does My Cat Have Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that affects the glucose in your cat’s blood. It is caused from a shortage of insulin in the body. It affects the way your cat’s body is able to process food. When insulin is present it helps absorb glucose through the intestines into […]

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Importance of Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Cat Stethoscope

Take your cat to the vet! Dog owners are much more likely to take their dog to the vet than cat owners, but cats need annual checkups too! Benefits of taking your cat to the vet: Healthier – any health problems your cat may be having can […]

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10 Healthiest Cat Breeds

Though any cat can have health issues, here are 10 breeds that are known for having very few. The Egyptian Mau Beautiful cat and very friendly, and has very few health issues. Bombay Healthy and friendly! This cat makes a great family pet. Havanah Brown This is […]

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My Cat Won’t Use Newspaper Litter Post-Op

When your cat has had a surgery, like a spay/neuter or a declaw, it is important to make sure their post-op treatment is good. One of the most important things to prevent infection is to use newspaper or rice for their litter, instead of clay based litter. […]

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