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4 Common Choking Hazards for Dogs

albuquerque spring pet

It is scary to see your dog or cat choking. The best treatment is prevention. Let’s look at the most common reasons your pet may choke. 1 Foreign Objects Dogs and cats figure out the world by tasting and chewing on things, much the same as human […]

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How to Treat Constipation in Your Dog

Nobody likes being constipated, an this includes your dog. Not only is it not comfortable but the strain of trying to poo can cause hemorrhoids. If a dog goes long enough without pooping, it can cause a bowel obstruction which can have sometimes life threatening consequences. What […]

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Spring Hazards for Your Pets

It is Spring in New Mexico! As in love as we are with the weather there are a few things about the Spring we don’t like, and I am not talking about the wind. As the plants come back to life, so do the bugs. Lets look […]

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Spring Health for your pets

Keeping your pets safe during spring cleaning

Spring is not only for Spring cleaning but it also a great time to refresh your pet’s veterinary health. Just like humans, our pet’s need to stay up to date on their health. Let’s go through the Spring Checklist of what to do to give your pet […]

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Happy First Day of Spring: How To Fight Spring Allergies in Your Dog

dog sneezing

It’s not just people that get Spring allergies. Your dog may have them too. Is he sneezing and sniffing? How about itching and rubbing? Those are signs of Spring allergies. Because allergies are not always easy to diagnose, it is best to bring your dog to your […]

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Spring Time is Flea Time

dog skin problems

New Mexico is a warm enough climate that our fleas never go completely away, at least not in Los Lunas. However, Spring is the time of year that fleas are in full force. All the winter eggs are hatching and waiting to jump on your pet. Plus as […]

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Spring Cleaning Your Pet Can Live With

albuquerque spring pet

Springtime is coming to New Mexico, after a few more snow storms of course. I know I have already started on my spring cleaning. Though digging into all that dirt and grime and organization feels great mentally, it doesn’t always make your pets feel great. Many cleaners […]

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Spinters from Wood or Bones: Are they deadly or just painful?

Dogs can get splinters from running through the woods or even walking on the pavement. Some splinters can be shallow, while others may be deep. Both ways can be incredibly painful and your stoic best friend will probably do their best to limp along to keep up with […]

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Stop Cats From Spraying

albuquerque cat

Cats “spray” or pee on things to mark their territory. As domestic as cats are they are not that far removed from their wild ancestors. Marking their territory is part of tapping into those ancient roots.  Cats mark their territory by rubbing, scratching and urinating. The reason […]

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Siamese Cat Health Issues

Cat Stethoscope

Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats. Not only are the friendly but they are mostly hypoallergenic. But like any breed, they are prone to some genetic health issues. Siamese cats use to be rather frail but most breeders have worked to help […]

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