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puppies-and-kittens-11Congratulations! A new puppy or kitten is so exciting! Now that you have your new fur baby, make sure that you are fully prepared for them.

When should I get their shots?

The best time to start vaccinations are from 6-8 weeks of age.

How often do I need to get shots?

Shots need to be done annually.

Do vaccines take effect immediately?

No. They take 14 days for your pet to be fully protected.

Are vaccinations requires?

All vaccinations are a good idea but the Rabies vaccine is required to have yearly.


At what age can we spay or neuter?

You can generally spay or neuter as young as 2 months. It is generally recommended to get the procedure done before they are 6 months old. There are other factors besides age to take into consideration, like size and weight, to determine when you can spay or neuter. For a more precise answer for your specific pet, please contact us.

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