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They were friendly and fast. My cat hates the vet but we were in and out so fast I don't think she knew we were there! -Lauren M.
They gave my cat her yearly shots. They were quick and the price was the best that I could find for this service. -Linda L.

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    Is The Plague Back?
    The Bubonic Plague is an oldie but a badie that may be rare but has never gone away. At the beginning of July, a girl in southwest Colorado died of the plague. It is the first time since 2005 that someone has died of this terrible disease....
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  • WHELP! My Dog Eats Bees!
    WHELP! My Dog Eats Bees!
    Have you ever sat in your backyard and saw your dog playing around with a bee and then before you can do anything…GULP…they ate the bee? If so, I am sure your first concern is, will they get stung? So first off, yes they can get stung...
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  • What is "Fixing" a Male Dog?
    What is “Fixing” a Male Dog?
    “Fixing” a dog is a common way to reference neutering. In simple terms, neutering a male dog is castration, meaning removing his testicles. This procedure is also called altering as many people don’t like the term fixing which implies you are making the dog better. Altering implies...
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  • How To Take A Cats Temperature
    How To Take A Cats Temperature
    The first question most people ask is what is a normal temperature for a cat? Then, once you know that, how do you know if you need to take their temperature? Lastly, how do I take their temperature? A normal temperature for a cat is 100.5 F...
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