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buy acyclovir cream 5Our pets can’t always tell us when they are feeling badly or if they are feeling worse than they were yesterday. When your pet is healing from surgery or any injury you need to keep an eye out for signs of infection.

Order acyclovir cream, Cheap aciclovir tablets

  • Wound not improving – your pets injury should look a little better every day. If your pets wound is not improving, there may be an infection. Photographing the wound is a good way to compare to see if it is improving. Sometimes just looking at it can be misleading, so a photograph can help determine if it is actually improving.
  • Redness – this will usually start at the edges of the wound and start to spread as the infection worsesns
  • Swelling – Often an injury is swollen to begin with, taking photographs can help determine if swelling is reducing, increasing or staying the same. Additionally, if swelling is not reducing then there is likely an infection.
  • Pus – Any kind of pus or discharge is a sign of infection.
  • Site Pain – If you notice that your pet goes from not having much pain to experiencing site pain (pain at the location of the wound) you likely have an infection. If pain does not decrease from the time of injury, there may be an infection,
  • Odor – If it is stinky it is infected. Your pet should not have any odor coming from a wound. If you smell anything, it is time to call the vet.
  • Heat – Heat at the site of the injury is a sign of infection. You can determine if there is heat by touching the injury site, and comparing it to a non-injured site on your pets body.

Signs of Infection (General)

  • Fever
  • Grey gums
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing

An infection left untreated can go from not serious to life threatening very quickly. An infection on a surface wound can go sub dermal (below the skin) and form an abscess.  An infection can start as something small and become system requiring significant veterinary treatment.

Treating an Infection

Treating an infection can be as simple as cleaning it and even if veterinary intervention is required, often oral antibiotics will take care of it.

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