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It Burns! UTIs and Your Dog

Urinary Tract Infection DogA UTI (urinary tract infection) is a painful and potentially serious infection for your dog.  It is a bacterial infection of the bladder or urethra. Female dogs are more susceptible than male dogs, but male dogs can still get them. Older dogs are more susceptible than younger dogs, but they can affect dogs of all ages. Depending on the age of your dog, a UTI can also indicate other issues such as: kidney stones, prostate disease and tumors.

The primary symptoms of a UTI are:

  • Trouble going pee
  • Blood in their urine
  • Cloudy or milky looking urine
  • Frequent urination with very little volume
  • Incontinence, meaning an inability to control when they pee

To diagnose a UTI your vet will need to test her urine. If you can, bring a sample with you to the vet. This will speed up the diagnosis. They may take a urine sample directly from your dogs bladder, using a syringe.

Treating a UTI is not complicated. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics, which will take affect very quickly providing relief with a day or two.

Because a UTI can be very painful and cause a lot of discomfort, make sure to get your dog to the vet as quickly as possible if you notice symptoms. Your dog will appreciate it.

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