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buy acyclovir cream 5Unlike dogs, panting is a rare occurrence in cats, that can happen when they are stressed. It is a response they will have to environmental changes (buy acyclovir cream over the counter), such as anxiety, fear, excitement, or heat. It is not good for them to be panting heavily, so try to calm them down and keep them in a cool place when it happens.

Another type of behavior cats have that may be perceived as panting is called the flehman reaction. When a cat smells something it is interested in or something extremely pungent, it may curl back its lips and open its mouth to further investigate the scent. What your cat is doing is tasting the smell it has detected. This is completely natural behavior and no cause for alarm.

If anxiety or physical exertion can be ruled out and a house cat is still panting, the cat should bebuy acyclovir cream usa to check for health problems.

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High Temperatures: If your cat is panting but has not been exposed to unusually high environmental temperatures, take her temperature rectally using a thermometer. A cat’s normal body temperature ranges from 100.4 to 102.5 Fahrenheit, so if your cat’s temperature is higher than 102.5, she has a fever and needs immediate veterinary attention.

Respiratory Disorders: These can sometimes lead to panting in house cats. If you are concerned about panting in your cat, have your veterinarian check for asthma, chronic lung disease or other potential respiratory problems that can lead to panting. Severe anemia in house cats can also lead to respiratory stress because the cat’s body has to work harder to inhale the necessary amount of oxygen.

Cardiovascular Disorders: This also can lead to panting. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is the most common heart disease found in cats and is known to cause panting. Other cardiovascular issues caused by parasitic diseases such as heartworm can also lead to panting, as they strain the cardiovascular system in house cats.

While panting can be caused by factors like heat, exercise and anxiety, it is uncommon enough in house cats to be a sign of distress and merit veterinary attention. If panting is accompanied by pale gums, irregular heartbeat, gastrointestinal problems or fainting, take your cat to the vet immediately.

Note that a cats respiratory motion should be smooth, even, and unrestrained. Rapid breathing at rest, coarse breathing, wheezing, rasping, coughing, and bubbling in the chest are all abnormal, so take your cat to the vet if they have any of these symptoms.


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