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It’s Time to Microchip Your Pets

Scanning for a microchipIt is time to microchip your pet! If you have a cat or dog and they do not have a microchip, it is time to bring them into Albuquerque Vetco and get it done. You don’t need an appointment, you can come during our daily shot clinic.

When a pet is separated from their home it can be hard for them to find their way back. The longer they are gone, the harder it becomes. A microchip is the best way to ensure your pet get returned to you. Any vet office, the city, and the humane association all have the ability to scan a microchip. So if someone finds your pet, they can bring them into anywhere to get scanned and find out to whom they belong.

Besides it being a good idea, the HEART (Humane and Ethical Animal Rules and Treatment) ordinance requires that your pet be microchipped. Starting August 26, 2013, all pets in Bernalillo County require that your pet be microchipped. Vetco veterinary clinic wants to make this process as quick, easy and cost effective as possible, which is why we offer microchipping during our daily no-appointment walk-in shot clinic and often run promotions on microchips to help you save money.

The great thing about microchips are not just the ability to help your pets get home to faster but they also contain your pet’s shot records. We are able to scan their microchip and determine if you need to update their shots and if not now then we can tell you when they need to be updated.

Bring your pet into Los Lunas Vetco today to get microchipped.

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