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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Cats love to eat grass. This is a fact of life, but why? It doesnt seem that tasty but yet they love it.

  1. Dietary Supplement
    Grass has folic acid in its juice. Folic acid is a vitamin that supports their growth and increases the oxygen levels in their blood.
  2. A Laxitive
    Grass is great for their digestion. It can help help them have regular bowel movements. Cats can often get blocked up by fur and grass can help move that fur out of their gut.
  3. Stomach Upset
    It is pretty common for a cat to vomit after eating grass. Cats don’t have the ability to digest large quantities of grass. So if their stomach is upset they may eat a bunch of grass to cause them to throw up. This helps clear out whatever is causing the stomach upset.


If your grass has fertilizers or pesticides on it, it is best to keep your cat away so they don’t get sick from these things. If you don’t let your cat outside you can buy cat grass at pet stores or even the grocery store and give it to your cat as a yummy treat.

If your cat begins to eat large amounts of grass or wants to eat grass every day, consult your Los Lunas veterinarian.

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