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Happy First Day of Spring: How To Fight Spring Allergies in Your Dog

dog sneezingIt’s not just people that get Spring allergies. Your dog may have them too. Is he sneezing and sniffing? How about itching and rubbing? Those are signs of Spring allergies. Because allergies are not always easy to diagnose, it is best to bring your dog to your Los Lunas vet to have him diagnosed before you start any treatment.

The first thing you need to do is find out if your dog has allergies. Your Los Lunas veterinarian will be able to assist you with that. The doctor will give your dog an exam, he may take some like skin scrapings or a blood test. Once diagnosed he will be able to tell you the best way to treat the allergies based on type and severity.

Some easy at home dog allergy treatments:

  1. Bath Time!
    Giving your dog a bath with a pet shampoo will help remove environmental allergens such as pollen, bacteria, oil, grasses, and seeds. Using a leave-in conditioner can also help soothe their skin. Depending on how severe your dog’s allergies are, you can give them a bath daily if necessary.
  2. Eye Rinse
    Ever use Visine or saline solution in your eyes? If you have allergies then you know that a simple saline eye rinse can help clear out all that pollen and dust that is triggering an allergic reaction. Your dog feels the same way. Make sure to only use saline solutions without any additives. Any eye drops that say “get the red out” are not appropriate for your dog.
  3. Ears
    You don’t think of ears as being a place to trigger allergies, but in your dog they are. Their ears hold a lot more moisture than human ears and are a breeding ground for mites, yeast, and bacteria. Performing regular ear cleanings by doing a gentle irrigation of the ear canal with a pet approved cleaning solution can help clear up any ear problems. When you dry your dog’s ears, make sure to only use cotton balls and not Q-Tips.

Good and regular hygiene is one of the best ways to reduce your dog’s allergies. If pollen is a problem, try keeping him indoors during high pollen count days. If dust and tumbleweeds are an issue, then don’t let him out when it is super windy. In your house, regular mopping and vacuuming can reduce the amount of pollen and dust that is stored on rugs and the floor, where your dog often puts his nose.  The best way to know what is triggering his allergies is to watch his behavior to see when he starts having reactions and then learning to adapt to the triggers. If you have questions about how to best deal with allergies in your dog, please contact Vetco and we would be happy to help you.



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