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Spring Health for your pets

Keeping your pets safe during spring cleaningSpring is not only for Spring cleaning but it also a great time to refresh your pet’s veterinary health. Just like humans, our pet’s need to stay up to date on their health. Let’s go through the Spring Checklist of what to do to give your pet their “Spring Cleaning.”

  1. Heartworms!
    Heartworm medication should be taken all year long. There is no cure for heartworms. The only thing you can do is prevention. If you have not had your dog tested for heartworm, now is a good time to do it. If they have been tested then make sure to get them started on their monthly Heartgard Heartworm Treatment.
  2. Fleas!
    Springtime is flea time. If you want to prevent fleas, or even if your pet has already picked some up, it is a good time to get them started on Frontline Flea and Tick treatment. The treatment is good for both prevention and for treatment. Don’t let your dog go rolling in the sand and pick up a nasty flea infestation.
  3. Groomer!
    Your pets are probably shedding like crazy. Take them to the groomer to help get rid of that winter coat. It will cut down on fur balls, as well as help your cat or dog feel much better and a lot less hot.
  4. Nail Trim
    Get your pet’s nails¬†trimmed up. If you are able to do this at home, nail trimming is a good thing to do regularly. But not all pet’s allow their humans to trim their nails. Often the groomer or vet can take care of this for you. Your pet’s feet will feel much better after a nice trim.
  5. Vaccinations!
    Make sure to get your annual vaccinations. Now that we are coming out of hibernation from the winter, your pets may be coming in contact with a lot of other pet’s. Keep them safe by making sure their vaccines are up to date. You can bring them into our daily walk-in shot clinic.

With Spring coming in, it is a great time to make sure your house and health are in order. Make sure to keep your fur babies on that list of health and home.



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