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Spring Hazards for Your Pets

It is Spring in New Mexico! As in love as we are with the weather there are a few things about the Spring we don’t like, and I am not talking about the wind. As the plants come back to life, so do the bugs. Lets look at the bugs that are waking up and what you can do to prevent infestation in your pets.


Ticks are gross. But beyond just being gross they also can spread disease to pets and people, such as:  Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anaplasmosis, tularemia, and babesiosis. If an infected tick has bitten your pet, they may already be infected. The best way to protect your pet is to prevent the tick bite from happening. Thankfully Frontline offers an easy monthly flea and tick prevention and treatment monthly application. Just put the Frontline drops on their neck once a month and your pet is protected from flea’s and ticks. Plus if they have a flea infestation, Frontline will kill the fleas as well as prevent.


How is Heartworm transmitted? Heartworm is transmitted to your dog through mosquitos. It is very serious as treatment is difficult to impossible. Most pets with heartworm will die because of complications from the infestation, though if caught early enough there are treatments available.  If you are not sure if your pet has heartworms, you should get them tested for heartworms immediately.  The best treatment for heartworms is prevention. Heartgard is a monthly treatment that is easy to administer and will keep your pet safe from heartworms. Come in to the Los Lunas clinic to pick up your Heartgard.

Bee Stings

Did you know your dog can be allergic to bee’s? Just like people some dogs have allergic reactions which can be quite serious. Unlike people, dogs are more likely to go after bee’s by trying to bite them out of the air. This can sometimes lead to your dog receiving multiple stings, so even if he is not allergic, multiple stings can cause adverse reactions. If your dog has been stung multiple times by bee’s or wasps, get in touch with you vet immediately to see what you should do.


If you live in New Mexico then you know that we have snakes. How many people in Valencia County have seen a rattlesnake in their backyard or out on a hike? A rattlesnake bite is very serious and can be life threatening to your dog. In the spring, as you are taking your dog out on hikes and onto the mesa, keep hi on the path. Do not let him bound through bushes where snakes tend to hide. Discourage him from sniffing under rocks, which are another common hiding place. Though rattlesnakes can make a warning rattle sound, they do not always do that. If your dog is bitten call a vet immediately.

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