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fall safety for dogsIt is fully fall in New Mexico. The balloons are out and the air smells like green chile. As much fun as the fall is, and I know its my favorite season, there are some safety precautions you will want to take with your pet to make sure they have a healthy and safe season.


Here are some pet safety tips to keep your pet safe as the weather gets chilly.

  1. Consider a sweater. A fur coat does not mean warmth! Though a heavy fur coat on your pet may make them hot in the summer, it might not be enough to keep them warm in the winter. Pets prepare for the colder temperatures by adding more fat to their body. Make sure that you are giving your pet a little extra food so they can build up their winter fat and winter coat.
  2. My Dog Ate My Homework. School has started and that means school supplies are likely all over your house. Sometimes our cats and dogs like to chew on things like pencils, crayons, glue sticks and markets. Beyond just being messy and destructive, it can also give them an upset stomach. Make sure to put your school supplies away so they don’t become Mr. Peabody’s favorite chew toy.
  3. Dangers of Warm Cars. In cold weather, a warm engine can be very appealing to outdoor cats. Often times, cats and small critters will curl up in your engine to stay warm while they sleep. Banging on your cars hood before starting you car can scare any sleeping critters out of your engine.
  4. Antifreeze. When you get ready for winter, this may include adding antifreeze to your cat. Make sure you don’t leave any antifreeze out in the open. It has a sweet taste that pets like to drink, but it is very poisonous and can cause death very quickly. You can use antifreeze made from propylene glycol, which is safer for pets, though not completely safe. If you think your pet has ingested antifreeze, call your vet immediately.
  5. Fleas are everywhere! This is the perfect time of year to jump in big fluffy piles of leaves. Those leaves are also a great place for fleas and ticks. Keep your pets safe from a flea or tick infestation and make sure to give them a monthly Frontline Flea and Tick treatment. 
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