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Pet HalloweenIt’s Halloween and the whole family wants to go trick-or-treating, and by the whole family we are including your fur babies as well a your human babies. Halloween is so much fun, and many dogs love to be social and going door to door could be a lot of fun. But if you want to have fun you want to make sure that your dog and your family is safe.

Here are some Halloween trick-or-treating with your dog safety tips:

  • Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. If you take your dog out trick-or-treating you are likely going to come into contact with other dog’s. You cannot guarantee that any other dogs you meet are up to date on their vaccines and you wouldn’t want to expose your dog to kennel cough. Drop by our daily walk-in shot clinic to update your vaccines before going out with your dog. Don’t wait to last minute because some vaccines take up to 10 days to be effective.
  • Make sure your dog has a microchip. In case your dog get separated from you when you are out trick-or-treating it will be much easier for them to be returned to you if they are microchipped. You can get a microchip at our daily walk-in shot clinic.
  • If your dog is wearing a costume, make sure it is not interfering with their ability to walk around, move their heard, breath, see, or hear. Your dog will need to have full mobility and be able to see and hear. There is a lot of scary stuff happening on Halloween and they need to be very alert.
  • Put reflective tags on their costume. If they are not wearing a costume put a vest on them with reflect tags. This way you can see them easier as you are walking around.
  • Take a flashlight to make it easier to not only see your dog, but to help your dog see things that may scare them.
  • Put your dog on a harness instead of a collar. You will have better control on harness than a collar. It will help keep them from getting away from you, or be able to control them if they try to jump on kids. You don’t want to yank on your dogs collar, it can cause damage to their airway and make it hard to breathe.
  • Make sure to bring poop baggies to clean up after your dog…and don’t put any halloween candy in the poop bag. Get a separate bag for candy.
  • DO NOT give your Dog any candy or chocolate. It can make them very sick. Bring some treats just for them to eat so they don’t feel left out.
  • If your dog seems to having more anxiety than fun, then take them home. Just pay attention to your dog to make sure that happy is happy and not stress.

Have a safe and fun trick or treating!

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