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Does your friend, or sister, or father, love pets? Do they just go crazy for puppies and kittens? Maybe they do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should get them one for Christmas. If you do decide to give a pet as a present, here is a checklist to follow to make sure that it is a good present and not one that just costs someone money. 

 Vaccination – make sure you get in to get your shots updated. Vaccination, at our daily walk-in shot clinic are both inexpensive and fast. Make sure you grab a coupon for shots to save yourself a some extra money!

Pet license  – Albuquerque requires that you have a pet license. This is a pretty easy and quick process. Learn how to get your license by visiting the City of Albuquerque website for licensing and fees for pets

Microchipping – If your fur baby ever gets lost, a microchip will make it much easier for them to be returned to you safe and sound.

Spay and Neuter – Not all puppies and kittens come already spayed or neutered. You can get them fixed as young as 2 months. This can take some time for them to heal so you either need to plan ahead or think about prepaying for this at our clinic. Just ask us about prepaying. 

Flea and Tick treatment/prevention – It is a good idea to treat every new pet for flea and ticks as well as get them started on their semi-annual Frontline Flea and Tick prevention treatment.

Supplies – food, food bowl, water bowl, litter, toys, leash, collar, catnip, fur ball remedy, soft paws, water dish, dog bed, crate, treats.

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