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The Valencia County Animal Shelter has a lot of puppies that are looking for a good home. In the winter, a lot of dogs find themselves without a loving home. With the snow storms and cold weather, there is a higher chance of them dying from exposure to the elements. If you were thinking of adopting a new dog this spring, think about upping your timeline and give a dog a home this February.

Why are there so many puppies? The biggest cause of this is people not spaying and neutering their dogs. Many dogs have unexpected pregnancies and then the puppies get abandoned. Spaying and neutering your dogs is important for controlling the unwanted pet population as well as being good for their health.

At Vetco in Valencia Los Lunas, we don’t want money to be the reason why you can’t spay or neuter. This is why we offer low cost spays and neuters. Check out our promotions page to save even more money on your spay or neuter.

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