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Naturally Your Dog Smells

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All dogs smell. Don’t take offense, it is true, and it is a natural part of being a healthy dog. A lot of people love the way dogs smell, but if you are not used to it, then sometimes it can be a bit this side of pleasant.

A big part of the reason your dog is smell is that it is their personal perfume. Every dog has their own particular cologne, and that helps them to be recognized by other dogs and other animals. It is a part of marking their territory. Dogs natural odor is most noticeable in the ears and from their paws.  

Doesn’t their sweat smell?

Yes, their sweat does smell. Dog smell on areas of their body not covered in fur. This means their nose and paw pads. Did you know that the reason their noses are slightly moist, and often their paw pads too, is because it is sweat? It is believed that this also acts as a special moisturizer for the skin in these areas. If you ever want a fun and odorific experiment, smell the paw of a dog with dry pads and compare it to one with moist pads. You will definitely notice a difference in their vintage, and by that we mean the moist pad will smell more. 

A Dog’s Smell is Key to Health

Have you ever noticed the vet sniff your dogs ears? This is an easy way to check if there is any infection present. Their ears have many glands which produce ear wax. Micro-organisms live in this ear wax and is what actually gives your dogs ear that “ear” smell. When they are healthy it is a slightly yeasty smell. When infected it is a yucky smell. If you have a dog with floppy ears, they are more prone to infection, you may want to make sniffing ears a part of your regular doggie attention. 

What is That Dog Musk?

We are glad you asked, though you might not be glad you asked. Dogs have anal sacs, aka scent glands, on either side of their anus. These glands produce a natural secretion which has a strong musky smell. A small amount of this secretion comes out when a dog poops and is left behind with the poo. Some dogs are not able to drain their anal glands naturally. If you ever see your dog dragging its bum across the carpet, they may be trying to drain their anal gland all over your floor. If your dog has an infection, blockage, or general difficulty draining their anal glands, you will want to bring them into your Los Lunas vet to get them drained. 

What is That Weird Smell?

If you have an outside dog, do not be surprised if he likes to roll in the mud, dirt, grass, and in other dogs poo. We know, it is gross, but your dog doesn’t think so. A lot of times your dog will pick up some questionable smells from natural dog behavior.


If you think your Los Lunas dog has an odor that is not natural, bring them into the vet to be checked out because a strange smell can be the sign of an infection. 


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