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Coyotes and Cats Are Not Good Playmates

You may have noticed an increase in howling at night, or maybe you have seen a some coyote’s walking down residential roads. Spring is here and the coyote’s are out! But coyote’s and cats do not make good playmates.

It makes New Mexico sound like the wild west when we talk about coyote’s walking down our roads. Our state has so much open land that often times wild animals like coyote’s venture deep into the city. They are most likely to be hanging around residential areas because it is like a buffet to them. Between the trash cans and the pets, they have a pretty good food supply.

Coyotes are predators and they love to go after small prey. Rabbits are one of their favorite foods. But they also like to eat small dogs and cats. They will even eat, or at least attack, larger dogs. Coyotes are pack animals. They do not typically travel on their own. It is pretty common for there to be more than one hanging around, and sometimes you will see them traveling in a real pack.

If you see a coyote in a pack, do not approach it. Get away quickly. They are more likely to be aggressive and attack when they are in a pack. Coyotes will attack humans.

If you have lived in a coyote area then you likely have known someone who has lost a pet to a coyote. You may even be unfortunate enough to have lost one of your own to a coyote.

Coyote Safety

  • Do not let your cats out after dark.
  • If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, try to keep your cat indoors.
  • Try to keep your cat in your backyard.
  • Do not approach a coyote.
  • Do not leave food out it may attract a coyote.
  • Keep the lids on your trash closed tightly.
  • Report any coyote sightings to animal control

Remember that coyotes look like dogs. If you see a dog you don’t know, it is always better not to approach it. It may be a coyote, a wild dog, a stray, or even someones pet. Better to stay safe.

Cat is Missing

If your cat is missing, what should you do?

  • Call animal control to find out if there has been any coyote activity reported in your area.
  • Call the animal shelter to find out if they have your cat.
  • Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for your cat.

Getting your cat microchipped will help them be returned to you quickly if they are picked up by animal control. They will have their chip scanned and will call the number on the file to let you know they found your cat. If your cat is not microchipped, it is possible that they find your cat but you never do. Even indoor cats should be microchipped in case they get out and get picked up. We offer affordable low-cost microchipping in our office, during our daily walk-in shot clinics.

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