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3 Reasons Your Cat Should Stay Indoors

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When people get a cat the biggest question is will it be an indoor or an outdoor cat? This has been an ongoing debate since cats were pets. Science has answered that question. Your cats are better off staying indoors.

1. Disease

Out door pets are 3 times more likely to get infected with a disease or parasite than those that stay inside. It is also safer for humans, because there are some diseases and parasites that can be transmitted from cat to human.

Another strange fact, every degree of latitude increase from the equator increases the likelihood of infection by 4%. By the way, we are 35 degrees from the equator!

2. Get Lost

Your cat has a much higher risk of losing your cat if they go outside. Cats love to wander the neighborhood. They love to go in and out of people’s backyards, and walk across the street, though the ditch, and off to grandma’s house. Sometimes out cats actually get lost and cannot find their way home. If they are wandering around, they are also at a higher risk of getting picked up, hit by a car, or eaten by a coyote.

If you do have an outdoor cat, or cat that just goes outside from time to time, make sure to have them microchipped so if they do get lost they can be quickly re-homed.

3. Whoops! We Have Kittens

Unless you are intentionally planning to breed your cat, you should get your cat altered, aka. fixed. Getting your cat spayed or neutered is the best way to ensure they they do not get pregnant or get someone else pregnant.

If your cat is not spayed, then there is a chance she could get pregnant. Though a cat can only get pregnant when she is in heat, you may not always know when that is.

Vetco of Valencia offers low cost spay and neuters, so bring your cat in and get them fixed.

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