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When Can A Cat Get Pregnant?

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A cat must be in heat to get pregnant. That is the short and simple answer. However, there are more than enough opportunities for a cat to get pregnant though out the year as their heat cycles go all year long. Did you know that a cat can have between 50 and 150 kittens in a lifetime?

How Many Heat Cycles?

Cats are what is called “polyestrous”. This means that she has many heat cycles throughout the year. The average cycle length is 14-21 days between heats. Your cat will continue to go into heat until she is successfully mated.

Time to Get Pregnant

At first your cat will have a “warm up day” where her hormones are kicking in but she is not yet fertile. She will often be extra affectionate on these days. When she enters estrus, the second stage, things change. Estrus lasts four to six days and your cat will likely be very vocal, aka. yowling, rolling around on the floor, biting, grabbing at you, trying to get out. Cats that are in heat have been known to jump out second story windows, or through screen doors, to get outside to a potential Tom. Heat will only last about a week and then you will have the 2 to 3 week rest period before her next heat cycle begins.

If she mated but did not get pregnant you will have a month break while her body resets and then the cycle will start over. If she successfully mated then you will have kittens in roughly 63 days.

Does the Heat Cycle Stop?

Yes. Age is the biggest cause for the ending of a heat cycle. Older female cats will stop their heat. When this happens depends on the cat. There are cats that are 15 years old that continue to go into heat.

In the northern hemisphere it is not uncommon for cats to stop their heat cycle during the winter, from November to January. But this is not always the case.

Stop the Cycle

The best way to stop the heat cycle is to actually stop it. You need to get your cat spayed. You can get your cat spayed while she is in heat. If your cat got pregnant, you can get her spayed while she is pregnant and abort the kittens. If your cat is in heat or pregnant you need to speak with the veterinarian about it because there are additional potential complications.

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