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The raw food diet for cats is growing in popularity but is it really a better option? If it is an option, should you make it yourself or buy it?

The raw food diet has been getting a lot of attention because it seems to be very good for cats. It is having some great health benefits and helps control their weight. It is also proving to be better for cats than dogs, this is because cats are stricter carnivores than dogs.

One of the biggest benefits of the raw food diet for cats is the elimination of starch. Starches and sugars lead to a variety of health issues including diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, urinary tract disease and obesity. Though your cat can get fat off the raw food diet, it is far less likely. In fact, this diet is recommended if you want your cat to lose weight. It is much better for portion control.

But a raw food diet isn’t as easy as it sounds. Making dog food is pretty straight forward, but making cat food, even raw food cat food, is not. A raw food cat food diet needs to contain meat, organs, bone, and supplements. You can make it at home but make sure to do your research on how to make it, what needs to be in it, and how to store it. Personally, we find it easier to buy.

When switching your cat to a raw food diet, you cannot just do it overnight or your cat will get sick. You need to take time to transition them from their old food over to their new food. Most raw food makers will give you advice on a good transition period, but you can also speak to your Los Lunas vet at Vetco about it. Also, your cat will likely like it way more than their other food, so “scarf and barf” is a higher likelihood. Sometimes giving them their food in portions over an hour is a good idea to force them to slow down their eating, or using a food puzzle to slow them down.

When it comes to a raw food diet, you will want to change up the protein they are eating. This is another way to help ensure they are getting a balanced diet and all the nutrition they need.

Speak to your vet about a raw food diet for your cat and what the best option is. There are frozen, freeze dried, and home made, this diet is great for your cat but not necessarily the easiest or most cost effective.

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