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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Grass is yummy! Well, maybe not to you but your dog thinks so.  It use to be thought that your dog ate grass because there was something missing from his diet. Since that first came out, many studies have been done that show 1. most type of grass will not make your dog throw up, and two, that they are not eating it because they are missing something in their diet. 

Ok, yes, dogs will throw up after eating grass. Typically grass is being used by your dog like natures pepto. So it is more likely that your dog already had an upset stomach and was trying to use the grass as a way to sooth it. 

It seems that the biggest reason is that they simply like the way it tastes. I know that seems weird, but they also like to eat dirty socks. Their pallet is different from humans and grass is a big yum yum. 

Though there is not a direct link between grass and dog vomit, if your dog is eating a  lot of grass and throwing up a lot, it may be a sign that there is a bigger gastrointestinal issue going on and it would be wise to take them to your Los Lunas vet to get them looked at. 

Otherwise, eating grass is a perfectly fine snack for your pup and you can let them keep on chewing on it. 





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