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Great Homemade Cat Toys

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This time of year we are all spending money like crazy! We have all our holiday gifts that we are buying, plus the food for the meals, and the occasional host gift for that holiday party. At Los Lunas Vetco, we don’t want you to spend your money when you don’t have to, this is why we offer low cost well animal veterinary care and are always trying to increase your veterinary savings by offering promotions in addition to our already low cost vaccines and spays and neuters. Another way to save money is to make your own cat toys.

A lot of us like to get our cats a nice present during the holidays. After all, everyone else is getting a present why shouldn’t Mitens? If you have ever purchased cat toys you will know that the price tag on these can add up rather quickly, especially when it is likely to just end up under the couch anyway.

To save you money, and give you some fun crafting projects, here are some great toys you can make for your cat without breaking the bank.

Crinkle Ball

You know those little balls made of foil paper that make a crinkle sound when you squish them, yeah, those…your cat loves those! They are easy to make at home. Take some tin foil and cut it into strips. Then take parchment paper and cut it into strips. Layer the tin foil and parchment strips so you have one tin foil and one parchment, then one tine foil and one parchment. Tie a string around the middle. Twist the tin foil to bend it out in all different directions, and do the same with the parchment. The tin foil will help it keep its shape and the parchment will make the crinkle sound. Use scissors to trim it down to whatever size you want. Then when your cat bats it under the couch, you can easily make another one. Using plastic foil wrapping paper works as well.

Soda Box Whack-A-Mole

Cats love almost anything with boxes. This soda box whack-a-mole game is a fun one that you can play with your cat or they can play by themselves. Cut the end off a soda box. Cut some holes in the top of the box. …Yup, that is it. You can stick toys in the holes to entice your cat to bat them. You can put a stick through the side of the box, and attach a toy to the end of it, and wiggle it in and out of the holes. Ultimately it is a box with holes in it and your cat will love it.

Sock Toy

Do you have a wayward sock that lost its pair? We all do. Instead of throwing it away, turn it into a cat toy. Take the sock and fill it with something crinkly. We like to fill it with butchers paper or packing paper. You want to use a paper that is a bit heavier so it holds up to being smooshed and chewed on. If you have some catnip laying around, toss it in the sock. Tie the end of the sock to close it off. If you want you can decorate it with a marker and make it look like a fish or a chicken. Then crinkle it and toss it for your cat. They will bat it all over the house.

A piece of advice with toys

A lot of cat toys are very easy to make. When you are decorating them, try to keep in mind that your cat will be biting and chewing on this. Do not put things that they can choke on or may cause digestive issues if swallowed such as google eyes, non-culinary glitter, small bells, anything toxic.

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