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How to Take Your Dogs Temperature

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From time to time you may need to take your dog’s temperature. If you think they may be sick, or if they have been sick and you need to monitor their temperature, or just a regular check of their overall health, if you need to take their temperature it is good to know how.

How Taking a Dogs Temperature is Different than in People

  1. You take their temperature rectally…this means in their bum.
  2. Their normal temperature is between 101° and 102.5°. Any temperature over 103° is considered a fever.
  3. You need vaseline or lubricant, like KY jelly, to take their temperature.
  4. You should attach a string to the end of the thermometer

Thankfully taking a dog’s temperature is much easier with a digital thermometer. It will beep at you when it is done. Plus they are much safer because they are not made of glass.

You need to use a lubricant so you can slide the thermometer into your dogs anus. You should hold onto the thermometer the entire time it is in your dog. We recommend tying a string to the end of it in case your dog runs away and they pull the thermometer up inside them. The string will allow you to pull it out.

We found this great video that shows you how to take your dog’s temperature rectally. If your dog has a temperature above normal, bring them into your Los Lunas Vetco immediately so they can be examined to figure out why they have an elevated temperature. Watch and learn!

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