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What is a Chimera Cat?

What is the craziest looking cat you have ever seen? Likely it is a Chimera. A chimera is a mythological creature that is a mix of two different animals. Though a chimera cat is not a mix match of two different animals, it is a cat with two separate sets of DNA.

This extra set of DNA can lead to some pretty interesting color combinations. What is more interesting though is that chimera cats are not that uncommon. Most tortoiseshell cats are chimeras. Every once in awhile a cat with two different color pallets is born. One one side of their face you have a black cat with blue eyes and on the other an orange cat with green eyes. These cats look like literally like someone stuck two cats together to make one cat. The clean line of color down the middle of their face is quite incredible.

After some studies, most of these two-faced cats are not actually chimeras but more a genetic anomaly causing the color to express itself differently and dramatically on different halves of their face. The most common chimera, the tortoiseshell, may not be as dramatic as a two-faced cat but they are still spectacular.

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