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Treating Mastitis in Cats

mastitis in cats
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Mastitis is a painful condition that comes from the swelling of breast tissue. This is a common condition for mama cats while they are nursing. It can happen in any animal with breasts, including humans. If you ever breast fed and had mastitis then you know how painful it can be.

In cats, it can happen in one or multiple breasts. It is caused by trauma, such as aggressive nursing, or by a bacterial infection.

Symptoms of Mastitis

  • Swollen breasts
  • Red around the nipple
  • Breasts are warmer or hotter than the rest of the body
  • Non-milk discharge
  • Breasts are tender to the touch
  • Kittens not gaining weight despite nursing
  • Fevers
  • Decreased appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargic

Beyond the painful aspects of mastitis in the mama cat, it can also be dangerous to her kittens. Inflammation in the teat canal, where the milk flows through, can mean that the milk is not able to flow or not enough milk is able to flow and the kitten is not getting as much food as they need.

Treatment of Feline Mastitis

The treatment of the mastitis is dependent on the cause. If it is from a bacterial infection then your cat will need to be treated with antibiotics. Your vet may give you special antibiotic wipes as well as oral medication.

If it is from a blockage, often applying warm wet clothes can help soften the blockage. It may be necessary to milk her to force the milk to flow out and pass the blockage.

To prevent further infection, make sure she is sleeping on clean bedding. You can also help by making sure the kittens are nursing on all her teats, which may require you manually rotating them. If you notice that they are not nursing on a particular teat, you should gently press around the nipple to express the milk.

If your cat has mastitis, you will need to bring them to your Los Lunas veterinary clinic for a check up. The cause of the mastitis needs to be established so she can be properly treated.

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