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Mutts vs. Pure Bred Dogs- The Throw Down

The debate over which is better the mutt or the pure bred dog may not be as old as time, but it is ongoing. Lots of people make compelling arguments for both cases. But better is very subjection, so how about healthier?

For mutt lovers there is no question. Mutts are healthier. However, breeders say that with meticulous genetic testing in breeding they can guarantee a healthier dog.  Realistically, there is no definitive answer to this debate.

  • Purebred¬†dogs tend to be better socialized and less exposed to disease and bacteria that you find in a shelter.
  • Not all breeders are meticulous with making sure they are not breeding in genetic faults.
  • Puppy mills are known for illness and disease, and though many get shut down. Purebreds still occasionally come from there. You can also get physically healthy dogs that came from a puppy mill.
  • Mutts are more exposed to disease and bacteria and often end up in shelters. They are often pulled away from their mothers too early and are not socialised as well as purebreds.
  • You don’t know the breed mix in a mutt and they can still be subject to genetic disorders.
  • Mutts are not going to have the “in breeding” that purebreds can be subject too.

No matter what it is a crap shoot. If you like to rescue dogs, then look for one that seems to be in good health and gets a good bill of health from the shelter vet. You may still have health complications, but that is always a risk with dogs. If you like a specific breed, then make sure you find a good breeder with honest breeding practices. Talk to owners of their puppies to find out if they had any issues. Either way, be smart when you buy a dog and make sure to bring them for regular veterinary checkups as part of their overall healthcare.

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