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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

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It is pet dental health month. Last week we talked about cleaning your cat’s teeth so now let’s look at some tips to keep your dog’s teeth clean.

You know that bad dog breath you hate so much? That can be an early sign of dental disease. This is often overlooked because dog owners expect their dogs to have bad breath. Though a dog’s breath isn’t great, it shouldn’t be so bad that it makes you sick or grosses you out.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best way to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Just like humans, dogs get plaque build-up. They can get cavities and tartar. Some dogs don’t like their teeth being brushed and others love it. If you have a puppy you can start brushing their teeth when they are young and they will get used to it and won’t have an issue with it as an adult dog. If you didn’t do this as a puppy, it is never too late to start. There are lots of ways you can get your dog used to having his teeth brushed. Using doggie toothpaste helps because it tastes good to them. NEVER use human toothpaste as it has ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Most of the time you can try brushing with a doggie toothbrush or by wrapping gauze around your finger and rubbing it across their teeth. If your dog has big objections to letting you stick your finger in their mouth, you can ask your Los Lunas vet to do it for you or to help you learn how to do it.

Doggie Tooth Wipes

These are exactly what they sound like. They are soft paper wipes that you rub across your dog’s teeth. Though they do not get in between the teeth as a toothbrush does, they are a great tool to use to keep your dog’s teeth clean and a lot of people find them easier to use than a toothbrush.

Treats for Teeth

I bet your dog loves to get a treat. Get some treats that promote dental health. There are treats that are made to remove plaque and freshen breath. They are not a substitute for brushing but they are a good tool in your dental health tool belt and will make teeth cleaning easier.

Dog Chews

Did you know that the act of chewing is good for your dog’s dental health? Gnawing helps scrape plaque off your dog’s teeth. Likely dogs are so interested in gnawing on things as a natural way to clean their teeth. There are lots of chews that you can get for your dog to gnaw on. When they have a chew not only are you helping soothe them but you are promoting dental health! A chew can be anything from cow ears to chew toys. Some man-made chews are even designed to promote dental health.

Dental Cleaning

The best way to ensure your dog’s dental health is to get a professional teeth cleaning. This is done by your Los Lunas vet under anesthesia. When the cleaning is being done your vet will be able to address any other dental issue that may come up.

Some dog’s need to get an annual teeth cleaning and some only need it every couple of years. If you are doing regular brushing your dog will need professional teeth cleaning less often. Your Los Lunas vet will evaluate your dog’s dental health during their annual exam.

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