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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

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It is always a big decision whether your cat should be an indoor or an outdoor cat. Factors such as where you live, traffic, and coyotes are just a few considerations. But another consideration is what you need to do as an owner to keep your indoor cat health vs an outdoor cat.

An outdoor cat may have other risks but exercise is not one of them.

If you are considering making your cat an indoor cat or already have an indoor cat, here are 10 tips to help make sure your indoor cat stays physically and mentally healthy.

1. Brush Your Cat

Brushing your cat feels good for the cat, stimulates oil production to encourage a healthy coat, and cuts down on hairballs (this means less vomit clean up for you!) Cats typically spend a lot of time grooming themselves. If you brush your cat you are removing a lot of loose hair. If you are removing it then your cat is not ingesting it. Plus it is a good way to spend some quality time with your cat.

2. Feed the Right Amount of Food

Did you know that cat’s are not vegetarians? Unlike dogs, they have to eat meat as the primary ingredient in their diet. If your cat is only, or mainly, eating dry food, then they are getting too many carbohydrates. Eating too many carbs can make them fat and lead to diabetes. If is better to supplement their diet with dry food and feed wet food as their primary meal. This will also help you control their weight because food isn’t being left out for them to eat as they please.

3. Your Cat is Thirsty

Did you know that cats get most of their water from food? If your cat is eating mostly dry food, then they are not getting enough water. Though we suggest adding wet food into their diet, at the very least, you need to make sure they always have access to fresh clean water.

4. How Many Litter Boxes?

Do you like to only have one bathroom or do you prefer two? Sure you can make do with one, but having a second one is nicer. If your cat is the only cat then often you can get away with one litter box. If you have more than one cat it is a good idea to have at least one litter box per cat. If you have a big house, setting up a litter box on both sides of the house, or one on each floor is a good idea. Make it easy for your cat to use the litter.

5. Scratching Posts

It is natural for cats to want to scratch. This is how they sharpen their claws and how they mark their territory. Plus it just feels good for them. But that doesn’t mean that you want them scratching up your furniture. Providing a scratching post is a good way to let them scratch without wrecking your stuff. You can try putting it in front of where your cat likes to scratch, or rubbing catnip on it. Give them positive feedback when they use it and negative feedback when they scratch on things they shouldn’t. You may want to get one for every room they hang out in. Providing them with scratching posts will help them feel better and stay in touch with their outdoor cat instincts.

6. Spay or Neuter Your Cat

Unless you are intentionally planning to breed your cat you should have them spayed or neutered. It is better for their mental health and their physical health. Un-altered male cats are at risk of testicular cancer, they are more aggressive, and more likely to spray (aka pee on things). Un-altered females are at risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and poor mental health when they go into heat. Your cat will have better overall health, mentally and physically, if they are spayed or neutered. Our Los Lunas vet clinic offers low-cost spay and neuters.

7. Travel With Your Pet

Just because your cat is an indoor cat does not mean that they cannot travel. You can take them on car rides, or out on walks, or on vacation. A lot of cats really like to go on daily strolls with their owners. If you do any kind of travel with your cat just make sure they are properly and safely restrained. This will keep them from danger and keep them safe. For cars there are specific car restraints or you can put them in a carrier. For going on walks, you can put them in a harness and train them to walk on a leash.

8. A Friendly Local Las Lunas Vet

Make sure you get a vet that is able to take care of your cat’s needs. Some vets specialize in specific animals, so you want to check that they are a good vet for your cat. Think of your relationship with your Los Lunas vet as a long term commitment. You will need to have a vet for the life of your cat so make sure you pick a good one.

9. (Eeewwww) Presents

When your cat is happy she will likely want to show you with a gift. These gifts are usually things like dead mice. Even if it is gross, don’t get mad at you cat. Accept the gift graciously and just throw it away.

10. Play Time

Cats like to play just like dogs like to play. Some cats will even fetch or like to chase you around the house. You can find great ways to play with your cat using cat toys, feathers, and even just your hand. Playing with your cat is the best way to give her exercise and spend some fun quality time together.

If you have an indoor cat you want to make sure that they don’t get overweight and that they seem generally happy. If you are not sure if your cat is physically or mentally healthy, you can ask your local Los Lunas vet.

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