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Jump, Jive, and Dog Agility

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At Vetco, your Los Lunas veterinary clinic, we encourage you to keep your dog active and in shape. Keeping your dog in shape is the best preventative medicine you can find. It keeps them healthy in mind and body and helps them to live a longer and happier life. One great way you can do that is to have them practice dog agility tasks. Agility is your dog’s ability to quickly navigate obstacles. Dog parents direct their dog through a complex obstacle course with the goal of getting through it as cleanly and quickly as possible. This is a fun way to bring new exercise to their routine. You can prepare your own dog agility courses at home without expensive equipment and with what you have laying around. Do not stress how fast or slow your dog is learning these skills just have fun.

Dog Agility Training

  1. Keep your sessions short, 5 to 10 minutes is long enough. You do not want to go to the point where your dog loses interest. If your training is too long both you and your dog will wind up tired and frustrated.

2. Make eye contact with your dog. This helps to increase their attention and focus. It also helps them to recognize that you are the conductor of their agility course and they need to keep their focus on you to know what to do.

3. Make sure you are starting in a quiet area when you begin. Keeping distractions to a minimum will help your dog stay focused.

4. You can teach your dog to touch their nose to your hand or a ring to start. This is a great trick to start with. Its like the starting bell at a horse race. Its a specific queue that tells them “GO!”

Setting Up the Course

You should probably get an idea of what you want your course to look like and what kind of challenges it will have. You can go online for some great ideas, or go to the park on the weekend. A lot of parks have dog agility courses set up on the weekends for people to use. Likely you will change your agility course multiple times while you figure out the things you and your dog like.

Here are some ideas for easy obstacles:

Are you thinking about jumps? Stack some books up and lay a broom across them as an easy and inexpensive way to start off.

Tunnels can be scary for some dogs. You can start them off by draping some chairs with a blanket for them to walk through or use cardboard boxes.

A seesaw can be easily imitated by making your dog a wobble board. To do this use a 2ft-by-2ft piece of plywood with a tennis ball underneath.

The weaving poles obstacle can be easily mimicked with items such as tomato sticks or snow poles that you have around your home.

Remember to have fun and enjoy your time with your dog. This is not a competition just another way to include some fun exercise options into your dog’s routine. We look forward to seeing your dog at their next checkup and hearing about the progress they are making.

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