how to choose healthy dog food

One of the most distressing things for a dog owner can be when their favorite canine decides on to eat. Many things can cause your dog to not eat and experience a loss of appetite. It is important to try to determine the cause of what is causing your dog not to eat so that you can come up with a plan that will help to treat them.

Loss of appetite can indicate illness in your dog. Because of that it is important that you bring your dog to a Albuquerque vet to help determine what is going on.

Things that may cause your dog to not eat.

Dental Disease – Is your dog having mouth pain. Things like a broken or loose tooth can cause pain when eating. Maybe your dog is suffering from gingivitis? Oral tumors can also be a factor. Doggie dental health is a commonly overlooked preventative medicine. Bring your dog in for a dental cleaning to Vetco. You will be amazed at how a good cleaning can help with more than just bad breath.

Illness– Often a decrease in appetite can be a sign of sickness. That is not always the case, but it is a good idea to get your dog to a veterinarian for a complete exam to rule out any type of illness.

Unfamiliar surroundings– Have you moved or been on a trip? These things can cause anxiety in your dog and they may choose not to eat due to that. There are many things that can help with dog anxiety, such as lavender oil on their collar, spending time with your dog, giving them a quiet place to rest, and making sure that they have something familiar and comforting with them.

Pickiness– Sometimes dogs can be picky. There can be other situations like a more aggressive dog fighting for the other dogs’ food or the food bowls being at an uncomfortable height which can make your dog not want to eat. Make sure to watch what is going on to determine if these things may be causing your dog not to eat. Many times observing what is happening before and during mealtime can give you clues to why they might be so picky.

What to do

If your dog is not sick here are a few things you can try to encourage them to eat:

  • Cut back on the treats. It is entirely possible they are getting too many and not eating because of that.
  • Make sure you are feeding them twice a day and on a regular schedule.
  • Go for a walk before mealtime. This can help stimulate appetite.
  • Change the feeding situation. Try a new area in the house to feed them or different dishes for them.
  • You can always try out a new food for them.

If you have tried observation and making environmental changes that have not helped then you should bring your dog to an Albuquerque veterinary clinic to be examined.