summer dog fleas

Fleas and ticks can really be problematic for pet owners. You can make sure you are keeping your dog healthy with regular checkups with us as a starting place. Keeping up to date on your dog’s flea and tick medication is especially important. When you come in for a visit, you can pick up Frontline Flea and Tick which is a monthly flea and tick treatment that will get rid of a current infestation as well as do prevention.

There are many considerations that go into choosing a proper medication for your dog. Medications to control ticks are based on the weight of your dog and so precise dosing is especially important. There are some different options available for you to choose from so let us look at them.


A topical medication is a liquid that you apply to the dog’s skin directly, this is how Frontline Flea and Tick works. They are easy for you to apply. They last one month and then you need to apply a new dose to continue the protection that they provide. Be warned that they are dangerous if ingested so make sure to keep it where your pet can not access it and to clean up properly after applying topical liquids. When you visit us, we can show you the proper way to apply this medication.

Oral medications

Dog chewable and tablets are also available for flea and tick control, though we do not offer these at Vetco. Many of these are made in a flavor that is desirable to your dog so that they are willing to take it. Most of these require a prescription that you can get from a vet.

Shampoos, collars, and sprays

Sprays and shampoos can be effective, but they take time to apply. A collar is only good if it remains on your dog and does not come off and get lost.

If you know that you have ticks on your property or you have been out hiking with your dog it is important to look over your pet regularly. The ticks may be present on your dog and you do not want them to bring them in the house. Gently remove the tick from your dog before bringing them inside. If you are concerned about ticks on your dog, you should bring them to an Los Lunas vet for an examination. They can be checked for illnesses that these parasites are known to cause. Like we said at the start the best thing you can do is keep up on your dog’s health and medication to keep them at the healthiest they can be.

When you come into Los Lunas Vetco for your vaccinations pick up some Frontline Flea and Tick. Prevention is the best course when it comes to fleas and ticks. Ticks carry disease and some of them are impossible to cure. Be proactive with your flea and tick preventative treatment and keep your cat and dog healthy for life.