“Fixing” a dog is a common way to reference neutering. In simple terms, neutering a male dog is castration, meaning removing his testicles. This procedure is also called altering as many people don’t like the term fixing which implies you are making the dog better. Altering implies simply making an alteration without any judgment on whether or not that is good or bad.

What is Neutering?

Neutering is surgical castration. This is the surgical procedure to remove a male dog’s testicles. The procedure is performed by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and done under general anesthesia. This procedure is typically done on puppies and dogs up to the age of 5 years. This is a procedure that we do in the office at Los Lunas Vetco. Go to our promotions page to save money on your dog’s neuter.

Most dogs are neutered to prevent them from breeding. However, there are a lot of health benefits to neutering your dog. When you neuter you can prevent reproductive cancer. You decrease the likelihood of certain, often unwanted, behaviors, such as humping and marking territory. Neutering also helps prevent your dog from getting out in pursuit of a in-heat female and decreases aggression with other dogs.

Most puppies are neutered between 3 and 9 months. There can be other factors, such as weight, that affect when a dog can be neutered. Make sure to call the Los Lunas clinic to ask when your puppy can be neutered.

Recovering from a Neuter

Neuter is a fairly simple procedure but that does not mean there are no risks. Any time your dog goes under anesthesia there is a risk. During the procedure, your dog has their vitals monitored to make sure they are doing fine. They are closely monitored for the first few hours after the procedure as well, and will not be released from the clinic if they are actively showing signs of complications post-surgery. We send every patient home with post-operative care instructions to help make sure that your dog stays free of infection after the surgery. If you are concerned about infection after the surgery, you should call our office immediately.