The Bubonic Plague is an oldie but a badie that may be rare but has never gone away. At the beginning of July, a girl in southwest Colorado died of the plague. It is the first time since 2005 that someone has died of this terrible disease. In 2020 there were 4 cases of the plague in New Mexico. This virus is alive in New Mexico.

The plague is transmitted from fleas. The flea bites carry this illness from animal to animal, or in some cases, from animal to human. This is one of the few viruses that transmits from your pets to their people.

Where is the plague?

  • Northern New Mexico
  • Northern Arizona
  • Southern Colorado
  • California
  • Southern Oregon
  • Western Nevada
  • Pretty much all over the Southwest

Plague Facts

  • Most commonly transmitted from squirrels than rats
  • They are often in Prarie Dogs
  • Transmittable from animal to human
  • No cure, though antibiotics can help prevent transmission
  • 1,000-2,000 worldwide cases per year
  • 10-15 cases in the US

With the plague in New Mexico, it is more important than ever to make sure your pets are being treated with preventative flea and tick treatment.  The only way to truly treat the plague is to prevent the plague. Bring your pets in today to get their Frontline Flea and Tick.

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