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Is My Cat in Dental Pain?

cat tooth pain

Cats make it very difficult to tell if they are in pain because of dental issues. They are notorious for hiding all dental pain. The sad part is, a lot of cats are in a lot of dental pain! Dental disease is one of the most common […]

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Great Homemade Cat Toys

This time of year we are all spending money like crazy! We have all our holiday gifts that we are buying, plus the food for the meals, and the occasional host gift for that holiday party. At Los Lunas Vetco, we don’t want you to spend your […]

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Is a Raw Food Diet Good For Cats?

The raw food diet for cats is growing in popularity but is it really a better option? If it is an option, should you make it yourself or buy it? The raw food diet has been getting a lot of attention because it seems to be very […]

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What is Normal Litter-box Behavior?

10% of all cats will develop litter-box related health problems, It is all well and good to know what to look for when something is wrong, but how do you know if it is right? What are normal litter-box behaviors in cats? What is Normal Litter-box Behavior? […]

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When Can A Cat Get Pregnant?

spay your cat

A cat must be in heat to get pregnant. That is the short and simple answer. However, there are more than enough opportunities for a cat to get pregnant though out the year as their heat cycles go all year long. Did you know that a cat […]

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3 Reasons Your Cat Should Stay Indoors

Albuquerque indoor cat

When people get a cat the biggest question is will it be an indoor or an outdoor cat? This has been an ongoing debate since cats were pets. Science has answered that question. Your cats are better off staying indoors. 1. Disease Out door pets are 3 […]

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Coyotes and Cats Are Not Good Playmates

You may have noticed an increase in howling at night, or maybe you have seen a some coyote’s walking down residential roads. Spring is here and the coyote’s are out! But coyote’s and cats do not make good playmates. It makes New Mexico sound like the wild […]

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Spring Time is Flea Time

New Mexico is a warm enough climate that our fleas never go completely away, at least not in Los Lunas. However, Spring is the time of year that fleas are in full force. All the winter eggs are hatching and waiting to jump on your pet. Plus as […]

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Spinters from Wood or Bones: Are they deadly or just painful?

Dogs can get splinters from running through the woods or even walking on the pavement. Some splinters can be shallow, while others may be deep. Both ways can be incredibly painful and your stoic best friend will probably do their best to limp along to keep up with […]

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Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

Cats love to eat grass. This is a fact of life, but why? It doesnt seem that tasty but yet they love it. Dietary Supplement Grass has folic acid in its juice. Folic acid is a vitamin that supports their growth and increases the oxygen levels in […]

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