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How to Take Your Dogs Temperature

From time to time you may need to take your dog’s temperature. If you think they may be sick, or if they have been sick and you need to monitor their temperature, or just a regular check of their overall health, if you need to take their […]

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I Think My Dog is Faking Pregnancy!

Did you think your dog was pregnant and then found out she wasn’t? False pregnancy is a common condition in female dogs. It can involve showing symptoms of pregnancy, lactation, or nursing without producing puppies. False pregnancy typically happens a month or two after your dog has […]

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My Dog Is Licking His Own Mouth…Now What?

Does your dog lick their lips all the time? Have they licked so much they have given themselves a sore? Do they do it constantly? Is it driving you nuts? For some dogs licking can be a health or behavior problem. Licking is part of healthy grooming, […]

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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Grass is yummy! Well, maybe not to you but your dog thinks so.  It use to be thought that your dog ate grass because there was something missing from his diet. Since that first came out, many studies have been done that show 1. most type of […]

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Heartworm is in Southern New Mexico

heartworm heartgard

Heartworm is in Southern New Mexico. Most pet owners think that heartworm is nothing they need to worry about. They dog doesn’t have it so why should they care? Just because your dog doesn’t have it does not mean they cannot get it. Heartworm is easily prevented […]

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Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

dog sunscreen

It is hot and sunny in New Mexico and this summer is definitely no different. Before you go outside to play, work, or just sit, you need to make sure to slather on that sunscreen. But as you are protecting yourself, should you be putting sunscreen on […]

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My Dog Got Stung By A Bee!

bees and dogs

Spring in New Mexico means bees. Bees are great! They do wonderful things like pollinate and make our world grow. They also sting when they think we are being aggressive, or come to close to their territory. Unfortunately, dogs love to sniff around bees. They are cute […]

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How to Tell If Your Dog Has a Fever

albuquerque dog vet

People always talk about your dogs temperature but most of us don’t know what is normal and what counts as a fever. Dog’s have a different temperature range than people, their body temperature is higher. A normal temperature for a dog is: 99.5 F to 102.5 F. […]

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What If My Dog Has a Bad Reaction to Vaccines?

shot clinic los lunas

The biggest concern people have about vaccinations are if their pet has a bad reaction to the shots. Though shots are required by law and necessary for the health of your dog, this is a valid concern. Thankfully adverse reactions are not that common and most of […]

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Cushings Disease in Dogs

The first question you probably have is, “What is Cushing’s Disease?” Cushing’s is he excess production of cortisol. It is one of the most common endocrine disorders affecting dogs. Cushing’s can develop when the dog’s body over produces cortisol or when they are given corticosteroids for a […]

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