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Cushings Disease in Dogs

The first question you probably have is, “What is Cushing’s Disease?” Cushing’s is he excess production of cortisol. It is one of the most common endocrine disorders affecting dogs. Cushing’s can develop when the dog’s body over produces cortisol or when they are given corticosteroids for a […]

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Are Nuts and Seeds Dangerous to Your Dog?

Nut allergies seem to be becoming ever more present in our society. Because of its frequency, pet owners are starting to wonder if it is ok for their dogs to eat nuts and seed? Can dogs eat nuts? The simple answer is yes. Most nuts are ok […]

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Almond Butter vs Peanut Butter for Your Dog

albuquerque peanut butter

It is the BIG debate…Almond butter vs Peanut butter.  Taste, health, allergies, there is so much debate over these two nut butters. Of course, peanuts are not really a nut are they? Peanuts are a legume, meaning they are in the bean family. But regardless of legume […]

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What Temperature Should My Dog Be?

albuquerque dog vet

Most of us know what temperature humans should be when we are healthy, 98.6 F. But most of us don’t know what a normal temperature is for dogs. Dogs run hotter than their human counter parts. A typical normal range for dogs is 101 to 102.5 F. […]

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How to Treat Constipation in Your Dog

Nobody likes being constipated, an this includes your dog. Not only is it not comfortable but the strain of trying to poo can cause hemorrhoids. If a dog goes long enough without pooping, it can cause a bowel obstruction which can have sometimes life threatening consequences. What […]

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Spring Time is Flea Time

dog skin problems

New Mexico is a warm enough climate that our fleas never go completely away, at least not in Los Lunas. However, Spring is the time of year that fleas are in full force. All the winter eggs are hatching and waiting to jump on your pet. Plus as […]

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Spinters from Wood or Bones: Are they deadly or just painful?

Dogs can get splinters from running through the woods or even walking on the pavement. Some splinters can be shallow, while others may be deep. Both ways can be incredibly painful and your stoic best friend will probably do their best to limp along to keep up with […]

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Trick-or-Treat: Stop Dog Bites at Halloween

Pet Halloween

You may have the sweetest and best behaved dog in the whole world, but Halloween brings out the scary in everyone and this includes your dog. It is not uncommon for normally non-aggressive dogs to get aggressive with all the trick-or-treaters. When your dog see’s all the […]

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Most Common Issue: Inflammation of the Inner Ear

dog skin allergies

Did you know that inflammation of the inner ear is one of the most common health issues for dogs?Otitis externa is a chronic inflammation of a dog external ear canal and otitis media is an inflammation of the dog’s middle ear. These are actually symptoms and not […]

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Pit Bull Common Health Issues

los lunas pit bull

The Pit Bull, though a controversial dog, is also one of the sweetest dogs when raised with love and good training. But with any breed, there are issues specific to the breed. Overall this is a pretty healthy breed with limited breed specific health issues. Hip Dysplasia […]

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