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8 Tips for Aging Dogs

aging dog los lunas vet

Getting older is hard for all of us. Dog’s are not different than us in the sense that as they get older they have more issues. Here is a list of common issues that our older dogs may experience. 1. Hearing and Vision Loss What did you […]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

brushing dog teeth los lunas

It is pet dental health month. Last week we talked about cleaning your cat’s teeth so now let’s look at some tips to keep your dog’s teeth clean. You know that bad dog breath you hate so much? That can be an early sign of dental disease. […]

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Why is Fading Puppy Syndrome?

sick puppy

Fading puppy syndrome is a very sad thing that happens and is also a very normal thing that happens. It is a term that describes puppies that appear to be completely normal at birth but start to fade and die within the first couple of weeks after […]

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Cold Weather is Coming: Keep Your Pets Safe and Warm

It looks like we have some cold weather coming our way. With winter being in full force it is a good time to remind yourself how to keep your pets safe from weather dangers. Going back and forth between the outside and the inside, the cold and […]

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Frostbite on Dogs Paws

Frostbite in New Mexico? That can only happen way up on a mountain top…oh wait, we have mountains here! We have a very interesting climate in New Mexico. We have parts of our state that stay pretty warm all year and we have others that get incredibly […]

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Don’t Treat Your Dog With Your Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween is the absolute best! This is our favorite holiday. We just love everything about the season. The candy, the weather, the costumes, Cindy’s scream (which she will do for you if you request it. It is quite amazingly witchy!) and the pumpkins! Jack-o-lanterns can be cute […]

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Mutts vs. Pure Bred Dogs- The Throw Down

The debate over which is better the mutt or the pure bred dog may not be as old as time, but it is ongoing. Lots of people make compelling arguments for both cases. But better is very subjection, so how about healthier? For mutt lovers there is […]

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Tear Stains Could Be More than a Cosmetic Issue

Are those tear marks under your dogs eyes stains or something more? There are a lot of products out there that will help keep your dogs face clear of tear stains, and often groomers will help get rid of that ugly staining too, but sometimes those tear […]

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A Dog’s Bad Reaction to Vaccinations

shot clinic los lunas

Nobody likes shots and that includes our pets. So many of us know that when we get a shot we sometimes feel bad. Does this happen to our dogs? What happens if our dog has a bad reaction to a vaccine? Thankfully adverse reactions are not that […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

los lunas cat spay neuter

Are you wondering why you should spay or neuter your dog or cat? Hree are the top 10 reasons to spay and neuter in Los Lunas. 10 Lower veterinary bills! Spayed and neutered pets are less likely to get a variety of diseases. There is a lower […]

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