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Buy aciclovir tablets 800mg uk, Can you buy aciclovir

10% of all cats will develop litter-box related health problems, It is all well and good to know what to look for when something is wrong, but how do you know if it is right? What are normal litter-box behaviors in cats? What is Normal Litter-box Behavior? […]

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Happy 4th of July

We hope that you have a safe and happy 4th of July. Remember that the clinic will be closed on the 4th so our families can enjoy the holiday.

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Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

dog sunscreen

It is hot and sunny in New Mexico and this summer is definitely no different. Before you go outside to play, work, or just sit, you need to make sure to slather on that sunscreen. But as you are protecting yourself, should you be putting sunscreen on […]

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Pee Everywhere! Urinary Tract Issues in Dogs

Urinary Tract Infection Dog

Urinary tract issues in dogs can be anything from a UTI (Urinary Tract Infections, which is an infection in your dog’s urethra or bladder that causes frequent peeing and often pain when your dog goes pee, or basic incontinence, which is not being able to wait to […]

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Coyotes and Cats Are Not Good Playmates

You may have noticed an increase in howling at night, or maybe you have seen a some coyote’s walking down residential roads. Spring is here and the coyote’s are out! But coyote’s and cats do not make good playmates. It makes New Mexico sound like the wild […]

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Naturally Your Dog Smells

los lunas dogs

All dogs smell. Don’t take offense, it is true, and it is a natural part of being a healthy dog. A lot of people love the way dogs smell, but if you are not used to it, then sometimes it can be a bit this side of […]

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When Should I Call the Vet?

los lunas vet

No one likes going to your pet, and this includes your pet. But sometimes, this is necessary for issues beyond your annual checkup. How do you know when an issue is serious enough to warrant a vet trip, or if it just something that will work itself […]

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How to Choose Dog Food

how to choose healthy dog food

What is good dog food? It seems impossible to know. How do you choose? Most of us choose by picking the bag design we like the most instead of leaning about what is inside that bag. Most people choose to feed kibble, aka. dry dog food, or […]

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Rattlesnake Vaccines: Should You Do It?

New Mexico is a rattlesnake state. We have some of the highest rattlesnake bite rates in the country. This is because they are in the mountains, in the desert, and sometimes, even in our backyards. You may see people debating on if a rattlesnake vaccine is necessary. […]

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Does My Dog Have Asthma?

Did you know that your dog could have asthma? Most people think of this as a human only condition. What is Asthma? It is difficulty breathing due to spasms and constriction of the trachea and bronchi. In Dogs, it is usually called allergic bronchitis. In most cases […]

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Buy aciclovir tablets 800mg uk, Can you buy aciclovir

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