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Holiday Reminders

Merry Christmas from Vetco

We love the holiday season which is why we close the clinic for a few days so our staff can spend time with their family. We will be closed on December 24th, 25th and 26th, and on December 31st and January 1st. We look forward to seeing […]

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Poinsetta: Pretty or Poison for Your Pets?

Poisonous Poinsettia

Poinsettias are beautiful holiday plants that fill our houses. They are great gifts and typify this season. However, are they as poisonous as they are beautiful….well not as much as a lot of people thing. Poinsetta’s are toxic to cats and dogs, but only mildly toxic. The […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from Vetco

Vetco thanksgiving

We wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Please keep your pets safe by not feeding them leftovers or scraps. We have some great Thanksgiving pet safety tips you can read. Our offices will be closed Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th so our staff can […]

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Doggie Pumpkin Pies

Are you planning Thanksgiving dinner? I know I am pawing at the door to get my teeth into some pumpkin pie! If you are thinking of making pumpkin pie, why not make little ones for your dog. They are nutritious and your dog will love the treat. […]

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Dog Food Recipe: Pumpkin Treats

Now that you have your pumpkin puree and pumpkin seed powder, lets put them to good use and make a dog food treat that your pooch will love! These are healthy and nutritious and your dog will love them…you may love them too,. Ingredients: 1 cup pureed […]

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Preparing Leftover Pumpkin for Dog Food

dog pumpkin

It is pumpkin season and most of us have at least one left over pumpkin right now…we all know jack and his fun lantern. There are more things you can do with your jack-o-lantern, or other left over pumpkins than just throw them out. Pumpkin is a […]

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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Grass is yummy! Well, maybe not to you but your dog thinks so.  It use to be thought that your dog ate grass because there was something missing from his diet. Since that first came out, many studies have been done that show 1. most type of […]

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Canine Brucellosis On the Rise

What is Canine Brucellosis? Canine crucellosis is a contagious bacterial infection that is highly contagious between dogs. The infections usually develop in their reproductive system or as a sexually transmitted disease.  Why is Canine Brucellosis a Big Deal? Canine burcellosis can spread from dogs to humans. In […]

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Remembering the Dogs of 9/11

It was 18 years ago today that the World Trade Center collapsed. That day marks a tragic event in the world from which we still mourn. On that day over 10,000 emergency rescue workers came to the scene and more than 300 of the rescue workers were […]

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Happy Labor Day

We wish everyone a Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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