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Moving Day is Coming. How to Make it Easier.

Are you a part of the real estate boom that is happening all over Albuquerque and Los Lunas? If so, then moving day may coming and we know you are wondering what to do with your cat. The whole moving process can be stressful for Fluffy! Here […]

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Jump, Jive, and Dog Agility

At Vetco, your Los Lunas veterinary clinic, we encourage you to keep your dog active and in shape. Keeping your dog in shape is the best preventative medicine you can find. It keeps them healthy in mind and body and helps them to live a longer and […]

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New Years

We want to wish you a happy and safe New Year. Let’s hope that 2021 is a bit better than in 2020. Our clinic will be closed on Jan 1st so our staff can enjoy the holiday with their family.

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Frostbite on Dogs Paws

Frostbite in New Mexico? That can only happen way up on a mountain top…oh wait, we have mountains here! We have a very interesting climate in New Mexico. We have parts of our state that stay pretty warm all year and we have others that get incredibly […]

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Happy Labor Day!

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy labor day. We also want to extend a huge thank you and appreciation for all the essential workers that have been putting themselves on the front line during Covid-19. We will be closed today to let our staff […]

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Treating Mastitis in Cats

Mastitis is a painful condition that comes from the swelling of breast tissue. This is a common condition for mama cats while they are nursing. It can happen in any animal with breasts, including humans. If you ever breast fed and had mastitis then you know how […]

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Myths of Anesthesia

There are a lot of questions and myths surrounding anesthesia. Let’s debunk some of these myths and get to the sedated truth of anesthesia.  Anesthesia is risky. Yes it is risky but not as much as most people think. Less than 1% of cats and dogs die […]

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What is a Chimera Cat?

What is the craziest looking cat you have ever seen? Likely it is a Chimera. A chimera is a mythological creature that is a mix of two different animals. Though a chimera cat is not a mix match of two different animals, it is a cat with […]

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Adopted Dogs Being Returned

As we navigate life during the time of the Corona virus so many things are out of the ordinary and unexpected. One of these unexpected issues is that of dog adoptions, or unadoptions as the case may be. When everyone started going into quarantine and people started […]

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Myths Busted: 8 Myths About Cats Revealed

The cat is a mysterious animal. They love us but not too much. They play but not too much. They judge…ok that they do a lot. The cat is so wrapped in mystery that it has been the fascination of cultures for thousands of years. But what […]

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