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It is amazing how many different plants can be toxic to us and to our pets. When you are planting your garden it is good to know what is ok for your pets and what is not ok. For a complete list of toxic plants, look at […]

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Did you know your cat can get food poisoning?  Just like people, if they eat under cooked food or get exposed to toxins or bacteria they can get food poisoning. And it is just as unpleasant for them. Most often pets get food poisoning by eating garbage. […]

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Mucus in your cat’s poop. Not only is it gross but it can be a big problem. If you see only a small amount, you should not be concerned. This is normal for cat poop to contain small amounts of mucus. This is a slime like substance […]

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The best way to avoid expensive dental bills for your pet is to keep up with their dental health at home. This means brushing. Here is how to brush your dogs teeth: Training: Get them use to the idea. Buy some dog toothpaste (never use human toothpaste […]

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You may be looking forward to Valentines Day, but for your pet, it is Pet Dental Health Month! Does your dog or cat have bad breath?  This could signify more than just eating smelly food. Your pets dental health affects their entire body and can even contribute […]

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Do you inspect your cat’s poop? I don’t mean taking it to a microscope. I mean, do you look at it after they have used the litter box or when you are cleaning? Most of us do, just like most of us look at our own. This […]

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Can your dog get the flu? This is a great question. People get the flu and every year the flu even claims a few lives. Most of us get an annual flu vaccination to try to avoid getting the flu because it is so awful. Yes, your […]

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It is that time of year, time for your 2017 resolutions. We make them for ourselves. How about we make them for our pets too? Here are some great ones we suggest for 2017! Annual Exam – Just like people, pets need annual exams as well. This […]

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We love this time of year. Santa comes to Vetco. Pets come into the clinic dressed in their best holiday sweaters. This year, before Santa came to Vetco. Vetco got to go on tv! We were featured on Good Morning New Mexico talking about the event. In […]

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The holidays can leave us with a lot of candy and sweet treats around the house. Your pets (and your kids) may beg and plead for it. But you must resist! Well, at least for the pets. You can likely give some to your kids. Most sweet […]

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Cheapest acyclovir online, Aciclovir tablets to buy online

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